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3 days ago

Coming soon: messaging, advanced filtering and more

We’ve learned a lot from customers and sellers on BOOM since we launched, and we’re busy at work adding features we know you’ll find helpful.


In the next week or so, we will be introducing a messaging function that will enable buyers and sellers to communicate seamlessly within the Marketplace platform. This will help drive sales and assure great customer support.

Advanced filtering and product finder

We get a lot of support questions from customers asking us to help them choose an oil based on their preferences. That’s a tough one for our support team, since we don’t want to steer buyers to one seller over another. That’s why we will soon unveil a “help me choose” tool to help narrow down the choices and make purchasing decisions easier.

Cross-platform marketing

The Marketplace will soon have a permanent place on the world’s #1 olive oil publication. We’re wrapping up the design of a “Top Sellers on BOOM” widget on Olive Oil Times that will display the best-selling Marketplace brands, updated in real time. We’re thinking this will encourage even more traffic and sales.

Those are just a few of the enhancements we have in store, and our development wishlist is getting longer every day. It’s all about getting the world’s best olive oils in peoples’ kitchens. We’re only getting started, and we’re all-in.

Thanks for selling on BOOM and making olive oil history with us.

3 weeks ago

Wholesale is now live

This morning we activated wholesale buying on BOOM and invited a few buyers to take a look before we formally announce it later this week.

One of the things you should be sure to do is set the “pack size” for each wholesale product in your seller dashboard. Also, make sure the price you set for wholesale items is the case price, not the per-bottle price.

Please note, BOOM’s commission fee on wholesale orders is 8%.

How shipping labels are created

A certain number of shipping labels will be generated depending on the order and the weights of the case packs. No box will exceed 35 Lbs. (unless a single case weighs more than that) in order to prevent heavier boxes which are more prone to breakage.

We strongly recommend using styrofoam inserts or heavy-duty bubble wrap on all sides of each case, as well as cushioning between bottles within the cases. Please note, damaged shipments will not be credited to your account and you will need to replace broken items at your own expense.

As always, we’re here to help. Just start a conversation with our support team with any comments, questions or suggestions. And thanks for selling your award winners on the Best Olive Oils Marketplace.

1 month ago

Don’t forget to add your bank details

If you haven’t already done so, this would be a great time to make sure we have your bank details and EIN to process your withdraws.

Please keep in mind that, for the security of your account, a withdraw cannot be initiated for seven days after adding or editing your bank account details.

Withdraws are done with a simple click using the “Withdraw” tab in your account settings. Funds up to your available balance are quickly transferred securely to your bank account.

1 month ago

Wholesale ordering is coming

If you plan to sell your NYIOOC award-winning products to retailers and restaurants, make sure you’re ready. Wholesale ordering functionality will begin Monday, June 20th.

2 months ago

We’re only just getting started…

After only a few weeks, we’re pretty excited about how the Marketplace is bringing NYIOOC winners to an expanded audience of buyers looking for the best olive oils, and we’re thankful for our vendors who have stepped up to this unique challenge.