Oro Del Desierto Picual

This Picual oil has great character and personality: it has a medium bitterness with a flavor of fresh lettuce and green fruit. Its aroma is fruity with scents of freshly cut grass, leaf, stem and fig tree. It is persistent and harmonic.

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Oro Del Desierto Picual

Rafael Alonso Aguilera, SL

Oro del Desierto is a family owned and operated business located in Tabernas, Spain. Products of the highest quality and consistency have always been our family's top priority.
Tasting Sensations
Olive Leaf,
Green Pepper,
Region Andalusia, Spain
Food pairings
Pork Vegetable Stir-FryMatch: 4 / 5
Grilled TilapiaMatch: 4 / 5
Smoked BeefMatch: 4 / 5
Broiled or Fried PoultryMatch: 4 / 5
Smoked PorkMatch: 4 / 5