Palacio de los Olivos

Palacio de los Olivos is harvested on our farm and only for three weeks, in order to maintain the same organoleptic profile every season. Cold extraction is always performed within a few hours of collection. Our oil is full of fruity flavors and easy on the palate. It has aromas of herbs with the presence of tomato and artichoke. This oil is a unique product for consumers looking for a difference.

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Palacio de los Olivos

Oliva Palacios

Olivapalacios is a family company dedicated to the production, manufacture and bottling of extra virgin olive oil. We make this oil ourselves, with quality and innovation as the distinguishing features of our exclusive products.
Tasting Sensations
Green Pepper,
Green Almond,
Green Tomato
Region Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Food pairing
Grilled CatfishMatch: 5 / 5