Shipping costs are a fact of life.

There is nothing we’d rather do than offer free shipping, but it’s not going to happen. Here’s why.

Shipping olive oils is expensive. They weigh a lot and UPS has to make a living too. We refuse to hide the shipping costs within the product prices and mislead you into thinking you’re getting something for free when you actually aren’t.

But here’s the good news: You’ll get what you pay for.

You might notice that the prices of the oils on the Marketplace are no higher than other oils you might see around. The difference is that the extra virgin olive oils in the Marketplace have been chosen by experts as the very best in the world, right now.

Every oil here is fresh, healthy and delicious — a product of intense dedication and craftsmanship. And worth way more than the price you’re paying, even with the shipping.

So try to buy a few bottles from the same Marketplace seller to minimize the per-bottle shipping cost (the rate barely increases with each bottle you add). And rest assured you’re getting your money’s worth every time.

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