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OLIORAMA & Co GP is a producer and supplier of supreme quality products coming from the region of Ancient Olympia - the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Our products are all awarded for quality in several International Competitions. "Orama" means vision. Our vision is to reveal a world of purity and excellent taste of high quality Greek products. Oliorama achieves that by combining Nature's elements and the tradition of three generations since it's been in the field from the late 70ies. Both our evoos are delicate, balanced, harmonious and persistent extra virgin olive oils coming from our family's groves. They are rich in phenols (examined by the Kapodistrian University of Athens) which provides various health benefits. Oliorama Exclusive Bio Flavour: Aroma of fresh salad leaves, fresh herbs and dry herbs. Taste of radicchio and Belgian endive bitterness with slight radish heat and a nutty almond finish. Use with cuisine of delicate subtle tastes, especially fish. Oliorama Exclusive Flavour: Aroma of fresh apple, ripe tomato and fresh oregano. Creamy taste of dry herbs, Belgian endive bitterness with building radish heat. A finish of the vegetal nuttiness of raw artichoke heart.Use with all cuisine of subtle and medium intensity tastes. Fish, salads, pasta, rice, root vegetables, white meats, baking and desserts.